We help adults and young people find suitable volunteering opportunities in Northamptonshire. You could volunteer for a cause you are passionate about or volunteer to gain experience. For adults, volunteering can be a very rewarding and positive experience as some of our volunteer stories show. For young people volunteering goes a long way to impressing potential employers and can build essential skills and experience.

Community Action Northants lists all the latest opportunities for you to search. If you have a specific role you’re interested in or would like to talk to us about volunteering please call 01604 637522 or email info@voluntaryimpact.org.uk. Unfortunately our drop-in, appointments and office are closed until further notice.

Types of volunteering

This type is usually for a couple of hours a week or a day a month. There are a variety of opportunities, from gardening outdoors to offering your time to help out from home. Either take a look at our vacancies or visit the Community Action Northants website.

This is where you can’t make a regular commitment but want to be involved in volunteering. One-off volunteering can range from:

  • Community events: walks, treasure trails, fairs, launch events, steam fairs
  • Summer fetes: co-ordinator, stewards, support staff (catering, car parking)
  • Easter, Halloween, fireworks
  • Christmas: wrapping presents, gift collection, serving Christmas dinner
  • Fundraising events
  • Administration support for one off events

Please visit the Community Action Northants website to search for available opportunities.

This type is small bite-sized volunteering tasks that are most completed on demand in under two hours. Anything from an activity which takes five minutes to  2 hours and could be newspaper reading, writing letters, tagging photos for the blind, translating documents, proofreading, providing advice or support with IT issues, completing surveys, playing games for research.

Micro-volunteering day takes place on the 15 April every year, further information can be found here

Please visit the Community Action Northants website to search for available opportunities.

This type is when someone who has been using an organisation’s services becomes a volunteer themself. They volunteer to share their experiences and support other service users within the organisation.

The Hope Centre actively encourages their service users to volunteer and you can read their story here.

Roger Pratten our car scheme volunteer started volunteering his time as a driver after he used the service himself following a kidney and heart transplant, you can read hist story here.

This type enables employers to engage in volunteering opportunities in their local community. This may form part of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. Some of the projects available include decorating,  DIY and general maintenance, gardening activities, preparing and serving food or fundraising activities

If you have a particular community area you would like to complete an employer supported volunteering activity, then please let Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire and we can liaise with local Community and Voluntary Sector Groups to arrange this for you. Visit out corporate volunteering section to find out how your employer can get involved.

This type is vital for the 180,000 charities in England and Wales who are involved in wide ranging activities for the benefit of the public. Like all organisations, charities need a governing body or board to direct its strategy and activities and this is where the role of trustee fits in. To find out more download our factsheet on volunteering as a treasurer or trustee or visit the Community Action Northants website to search for available opportunities.