Sponsorship opportunities at Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire

Sponsorship is a great way for local business to support charitable organisations whilst meeting their Corporate and Social Responsibility obligations. At Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire we have two schemes which we believe deserve sponsorship.

Northampton Door to Door Service

This service, which has operated for more than 30 years provides a supportive, affordable transport for elderly & disabled people who live in Northampton (Postcode Areas NN1 to NN5). As a registered bus service, it is a valuable and important provision for those in the local community, who do not drive and struggle using conventional buses. This type of transport is essential for many to get to important appointments, but is also a lifeline for shopping, social interaction, and wellbeing, to help prevent social isolation and keep vulnerable people in the community active, independent, and involved.

Happy at Home Befriending Service

It’s a known fact that over 2 million people across the UK live in loneliness and isolation. Figures suggest that this trend will continue to rise as people live longer but lose family connection. The Happy at Home scheme matches volunteer befrienders to those who are lonely, isolated, and vulnerable. In the past 18 months this programme has supported 132 isolated and elderly people in Northampton. Four Home Befriending Volunteers can be placed and trained from as little as £500.00.

These sponsorships confer additional benefits for local business who participate. For more information contact the organisational CEO Russell Rolph in the first instance on 07592 501770 or at russell.rolph@voluntaryimpact.org.uk