A thanks from Sally Burns our Director of Public Health – West Northamptonshire

I am delighted to share with you the third Director of Public Health Report (DPHR) for West Northamptonshire, which highlights how together with our local partners, we have embedded a place-based approach in the work we do across the Council to reduce health inequalities and improve life outcomes for our residents.

As I reflect on 2023, it has been another incredibly busy year and one of particular significance for my Public Health team, with it being the first full year where the team has sat solely within West Northants Council, working closely with our partners to serve West Northants residents.

Over the last year, I have witnessed firsthand the power of collaboration with our systemwide partners and the impact we can make for the communities we serve when our aims and outcomes are properly aligned. That’s why I am excited to share with you the Director of Public Health report for 2023, as it is full of brilliant examples of how we have worked with our partners, voluntary sector, and communities to start to embed our place-based and ‘asset-based’ approach, which have helped our communities and individuals to have hands on involvement in shaping services that best meet their needs.

Whilst we have made great strides in beginning to address the poor health outcomes in West Northants, health inequalities very much remain a big concern and it is clear there is still more to do. In this report and its accompanying video, you will see how some of the work has started to address this issue and how the idea of taking a place-based approach embodies this way of thinking.

Please so take the time to watch our short video which summarises the report and our place-based approach: https://youtu.be/_76UoKqpCnA or to read the full report for more detail: Health and Wellbeing Board – Key responsibilities | West Northamptonshire Council (westnorthants.gov.uk)

I would like to thank all our partners who continue to work with us on this important agenda and I hope that we can start to break down these health inequities so everyone in West Northamptonshire can live a long and healthy life.


Health Inequalities within Northamptonshire – Population Health Timeout

For an excellent synopsis of Health Inequalities in Northamptonshire take a look at the Population Health Timeout.

Population Health Timeout

Connecting Locally

NAVCA in conjunction with Sheffield Hallam University have produced a research report on the importance of Infrastructure Organisations like VIN.

The report and associated content can be seen here: Research project | NAVCA

The research demonstrates that local infrastructure responds to local needs, delivering a community-led approach to enable meaningful engagement, collaboration, and capacity building. Areas such as health, employment and education are all strengthened when there is a thriving local voluntary and community sector.

Emerging Talent Centre Coach

NTFC  Community Trust are looking for a new Emerging Talent Centre Coach. You can find more information here.

To apply or for more information, please contact charlene.wardgreef@ntfc.co.uk

Join VIN at our next Poverty Truth Commission on the 4th of August 2022

 If your interested in the subject of Poverty or Financial Vulnerability, and you want to hear more about the Poverty Truth Commission in West Northamptonshire then why not join us.

Andrew Grinnell from the Poverty Truth Network will be talking about his experiences of other Poverty Truth Commissions across the UK, including his own in Leeds, and the challenges and opportunities they present.

VIN will be talking about training for Commissioners – and how the Poverty Truth Commission can help inform West Northamptonshire’s Anti-Poverty Strategy and the new ICS Local Area Partnerships.

Lunch is provided – and its free to attend. We would love to see you there..!!

The venue is: Northampton Museum and Art Gallery, 4-6 Guildhall Road, Northampton NN1 1DP

Time: 11-3