Five Wells wellbeing service

VIN are excited to announce we have been contracted by G4S to run a wellbeing programme for residents (and later, staff) of the new HMP Five Wells opening in Wellingborough in February 2022. Our Resident Engagement & Wellbeing Officer will run the programme which will be aimed at improving residents’ health and wellbeing and helping them to make community connections.

HMP Five Wells is a prison unlike any other in the country. It is the first prison set up with the express purpose of helping its residents to resettle into the community upon their release. Running a range of programmes over the course of the last 16 weeks of each resident’s custodial sentence, the idea is to help ensure that the residents will have the necessary skills and connections to reintegrate into society and not get drawn into a cycle of reoffending so often seen in our traditional custodial system.

VIN aim to add value to the programmes being run at HMP Five Wells with a particular emphasis on improving the health and wellbeing of the residents and providing the all-important community connections that are vital to an ex-offender’s reintegration into wider society.

We are very excited to be involved in helping HMP Five Wells in attempting to deliver something that we believe is long overdue in our country, namely a prison facility that aims to help rehabilitate people for their future, rather than simply punishing them for their past. As an organisation set up to help people over 30 years ago, we believe that HMP Five Wells’s values and operational objectives match up perfectly with our own. We believe together we can help bring about a truly impactful change to how our custodial system operates, benefiting not only the residents of this unique facility but also society as a whole.

How to get involved

We are now looking for a number of organisations to run a range of activities, counselling and support services from within HMP Five Wells. If your organisation would like to be involved in delivering sessions under this programme, please see the attached factsheet for further information, and then complete the Expressions of Interest form.

Please return your form to