My Health and Care directory

A single database for GPs, social workers and prescribers, and members of the public when they need to find local services or activities to meet a need or support them.

Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire and the other local infrastructure organisations across the county have been charged with ensuring that as many voluntary or community organisations find a place on this database.

All groups that offer help and support to people’s physical and/or mental wellbeing, from carers groups to walking groups to art centres are welcome to add their details to the directory.

The template can be found here and should take about 10 minutes to complete.

For information, the other local infrastructure organisations participating in this venture are:

  • South Northamptonshire Volunteer Bureau
  • Groundwork Northants
  • Volunteer Centre Daventry, and
  • Nene Valley Community Action.

The work is being funded by Northamptonshire Adult Social Services.