Water-saving campaign in Northampton

We are currently working with Anglian Water on a water-saving campaign in Northampton, to coincide with the rollout of smart water meters in some parts of the town. We really want to help them spread the word, and have various ways your group can get involved.

What do Anglian Water offer

  • Messages and images for social media
  • Attend virtual meetings or face-to-face events you may be running to help spread the word.
  • Free water-saving guides and devices for you to give away to people you’re involved with, or to give away at any events you may be running. These may include:
    • bath Buoy – bathwater saver for children
    • shower timer
    • water-saving garden hose
    • water-saving shower head
    • garden water saving kits
    • outside tap cover, and
    • leaky loo tablets.

They are very keen to do whatever they can to raise awareness and support people to make little changes, so if you have any other ideas of anything that might be useful for this, please let us know and we’ll happily discuss it with their team.  They would also like our help to promote different tariffs and the Priority Register for vulnerable people, so please have a look and see if that might be of use to any of your clients or members.

If you’d like any further information or would like to get involved, please contact us.