Learning Together – Community ambassador grant fund

Want to know what Social Prescribing is and how it can impact your work as a health and well-being non-for-profit community group or organisation?

Get a grant of up to £500 to take part in the Learning Together Programme and become an Ambassador of Social Prescribing. You will have the opportunity to learn about Social Prescribing and how it might relate to your work, as well as taking part in online webinars and networking events with others from across the Midlands.

The Learning Together Programme is free to all participants. The ambassador grants are an additional fund, to enable individuals from smaller, user-led voluntary and community organisations to take part. For example, by paying for additional hours so that you have time to take part, or for the cost of equipment or getting online.

Social Prescribing is about helping people engage in non-medical community-based activities which improve their health and wellbeing. Social Prescribing Link Worker posts are now part of NHS Primary Care and the number of roles is growing. Find out what it’s all about and what the opportunities might be for your organisation to connect. Click here to see the online application.

If you have seen this opportunity before, but didn’t know whether to apply please see an updated version with more detail and flexibility for your application. It could take as little as half an hour to apply.

If you have any questions or need the information and application form in a different format, please email midlands.thrivingcommunities@nasp.info