The easing of lockdown

Central Government has moved forward on its roadmap regarding the easing of restrictions. However, there is much evidence to suggest that COVID is far from over, and yesterday we witnessed the highest number of new infections within the UK for some time. At VIN we are taking a very cautious approach to this easing of restrictions. Most staff are still working from home, and the office is supported by a skeletal staff still observing a rota. It is very unlikely that we will open our doors until September. Each VCSE organisation has to look at the easing of restrictions through their own lens. What might be right for one organisation might not be right for another: And against this rests the spectre of a further lockdown which has not been ruled out by either Government or their Scientific Advisors. So my plea is to be careful and work with your staff and volunteers, doing what’s right for them whilst preserving the organisation. It’s a tricky balancing act. Here are some hints and tips though:

  • Continue to observe the social distancing guidelines.
  • Get staff and volunteers to test regularly.
  • Set in place some form of rota if your premises does not allow for social distancing easily.
  • Continue to wear masks and update your hygiene protocols.
  • Keep abreast of guidance.

We all know that we will be living with COVID for some time to come me and perhaps even forever. There will be times when staff or volunteers succumb (even if they have been double vaccinated) and this on occasions may be problematic for the organisational function. However, the sector is a people business. They are our assets, so let’s make sure we look after them.