ICS: Embedding the VCSE Workshop 9th May 2022

Over 40 VCSE organisations attended the second VIN organised workshop on Embedding the Sector into the ICS. Held at the Kettering Conference Centre, speakers included David Watts from North Northamptonshire Council, Joanne Fletcher from the Health and Care Partnership, Naomi Eisenstadt (the designate Chair of the new ICB), Sarah Hiller the CEO of Northamptonshire MIND and Miranda Wixon (the Independent Chair of the VCSE Assembly) ably supported by Kerri Marshall – Duckett of VIN.


The slides for this event can be found here:

Northamptonshire ICS, North Northants – Place

CYP Transformation Programme 

The Northamptonshire VCSE Assembly

Our ICS  

Mental Health Northants Collaboration  


 The post lunch question focussed on how the VCSE as a collective could take advantage of the opportunities on offer, especially around Point of Place Transformation. Delegates were divided into tables, and their respective thoughts can be found in this single document.


This event was funded through the Healthy Communities Fund.


Delegates are asked to look out for further events as the ICS develops. These will always be made available at our website or through our Friday Bulletin. To subscribe to our bulletin please contact sophie.negus@voluntaryimpact.org.uk