Launch of the Local Area Partnerships (LAPs) for North Northamptonshire

The ICS and North Northamptonshire Council are inviting VCSE Groups to the inaugural launch of the seven new LAPs, following on from the successful launch of the Community Wellbeing Forums (CWF) across North Northamptonshire. The CWFs are evolving in function from the existing Health & Wellbeing Forums in each of the four locality areas across North Northants (Corby, East Northamptonshire, Kettering, and Wellingborough) and connect directly to the North Northants Health & Wellbeing Board. This will enable them to contribute to the delivery of the improved population outcomes set out to support the ambitions of the Integrated Care Northamptonshire strategy and will operate with the support of Local Area Partnerships in each locality.  For those West Northamptonshire organisations that straddle both sovereign authorities VIN urges your attendance.

It’s an exciting time and all LAPs will be launched between 28th November and the 16th of December 2022.

East Northamptonshire Urban – Saxon Hall, Raunds 5th December 2022

1pm – 3pm

East Northamptonshire Rural – Fletton House, Oundle 16th December 2022

2pm – 4pm

Wellingborough Rural – Finedon – Community Centre 28th November 2022

3.30 – 5.30pm

Wellingborough Urban – Victoria Centre,  14th December 2022

11am – 1pm 

The purpose of the LAP launch event in each local area is to root these firmly in their locality and build a strong foundation for a bottom-up model of engagement based on community empowerment.

It is envisaged that each LAP will form a collective with its own personality to best address the needs of local people. However, some broad operating principles are likely to be as follows:

  1. Equality and inclusion are core principles– all voices are equal and need to be respected
  2. LAPs are accessible for all communities
  3. LAPs include all community voices – Community engagement for any priority issue identified must be demonstrated
  4. Respect all voices and views
  5. A “communities first” approach taken
  6. Any priorities identified need to have the support of local communities and partners

You are cordially invited to attend any of the LAP launch events that are taking place in geographical areas that you have a connection to.  The launch event details are included in the accompanying slide deck.

To confirm your attendance (please specify which LAP/LAPs), and agreement for your contact details to be used and shared in relation to the LAP meetings, projects and activities please email