Systems and Structures of the ICS

25 VCSE organisations attended the latest virtual Network Session on the current developments within the ICS in Northamptonshire.

The slide deck can be seen here

What is the ICS?

It’s a way of providing better healthcare to the residents of Northamptonshire by working in a more integrated fashion, which includes the VCSE sector as key deliverers of services.

It works at a Point of Place, known as Local Area Partnerships or LAPS, which will serve population sizes of between 30 and 50,000.

It is a requirement of any ICS to work with and tailor services to local community needs and priorities.

Whilst there are 4 clinical priorities within Northamptonshire (shown in the slide deck) the ICS is about the Wider Determinants of Public Health.

Organisations are encouraged to read and digest the contents of the slide deck. Any queries, concerns, challenges, or opportunities should be relayed to VIN in the next 2 weeks by E Mailing and placing ICS in the subject Line. These responses will be collated and relayed to the two Directors of Place within West and North Northamptonshire.