Community Transport Goes the Extra Mile for Northampton – a customer viewpoint.

My name’s Millie Fuller. I’m the contributing author of this article on behalf of Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire. My connection to community transport is personal. I’ve witnessed first-hand the impact it can have on the lives of people and their families. This includes my late grandmother. When my nan’s Alzheimer’s had advanced to a point where she couldn’t travel alone and using public transport was a safety concern, we discovered the invaluable service that is community transport.

What is community transport? 

This service is usually provided by a non-profit organisation. It offers a way of getting around for those who can’t access public transport easily. From supermarket trips to medical appointments, it’s a lifeline for older adults and those who have disabilities.

Over 1.4 million people in England aged 65 and over find it difficult just getting to their local hospital. But Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire understand the importance of accessing community health and social care facilities. 

They began their door-to-door transport services in Northampton in 1997. With their easy-access vehicles, they’re able to help people with varying levels of mobility.

Community transport enhances social connections.

It’s so much more than getting from point A to B. The journey is often shared with others, so it’s an opportunity to meet new people and have a chat.

My grandmother, despite her illness, loved to talk to anyone who’d listen. I remember how she’d sit in her wheelchair and wave at anyone who made eye contact! The friendships she formed during her journeys, however brief, brightened her day and brought a smile to her face (and everyone around her). 

It’s a cost-effective option.

For individuals with mobility issues, using public transport may not be an option. Community transport services are an accessible alternative that give people their independence back.

This service isn’t just a practical and convenient mode of transport, it’s also cost-effective. The price of the service was a tremendous relief for our family. Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s can be surprisingly expensive. So, it made a big difference and meant that we could pay for more things for her, like a chiropodist.

Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire’s Demand Responsive Service is free for non-assisted travel and the full door-to-door membership is just an annual cost of £35.00.


For individuals with mobility issues, using public transport may not be an optionCommunity transport services are an accessible alternative that gives people their independence back.

But it wasn’t just about convenience or the practicality for us. The compassion of the drivers truly touched our hearts. My grandmother would often forget where she was going, but the drivers were patient and understanding. It didn’t faze them at all.

The service can accommodate both wheelchairs and scooters. They also offer weekly trips to most major supermarkets, transport to appointments, and day care.

Reduced environmental impact.

Unlike private vehicles, those used for community transport cover larger areas more efficiently. They must adhere to strict emissions standards, which ensure they’re environmentally friendly.

Improves access to services.

Local amenities are important for everyone. But access can prove more difficult for older adults and those with disabilities. Community transport provides a safe way of reaching these places.

Knowing this is an option gives a sense of independence and choice, leading to better physical and mental wellbeing.

Knowing that we had the support transporting my grandmother gave us peace of mind. There was no longer any need for us (and her) to get stressed navigating public transport.


Community transport is invaluable for individuals who don’t have access to public transport. It’s also an opportunity to socialise with others outside of their usual space. Being affordable, it alleviates the financial constraints that come with having to get taxis. It’s also more environmentally friendly and reduces traffic congestion.

To find out more about our community transport service in Northampton, click here, call 01604 583553 or email