Future Engagement with the Integrated Care System (ICS)

Engagement over The Live Your Best Life aspirations, the ICB 5 Year Forward Plan and the ICP Strategy will be coming soon. It will be delivered through 2 distinct phases.

Phase 1 is engagement and consultation within the system (so this includes ICS Partners and of course the VCSE sector as well as the Health and Wellbeing Boards North and West. The system also plans within Phase 1 to engage with LAPS (Local Area Partnerships) and CWF’s (Community Wellbeing Forums). What this will look like, and what form it will take is unclear, and more details will follow.

Phase 2 is the more Public facing campaign and will aim to reach the general population and Hard to Reach Groups.

The VCSE will have a role in both Phase 1 and Phase 2, but the extent of the what and the how is yet to be determined. Check back to this website on a regular basis for further updates.