Lloyds Bank Foundation – Specialist programme

The Foundation has a focus to support small, local, specialist charities with an income of between £25,000 & £500,000 where their three-year unrestricted £75,000 grant can make the greatest impact. They will support charities that understand the complexity of the issues people face and are best placed to make a genuine difference to people’s lives.

This year the Foundation will be able to fund 70 charities across England and Wales that are delivering frontline services around eight themes (addiction, asylum seekers and refugees, care leavers, domestic abuse, homelessness, offending, sexual abuse and exploitation, trafficking, and modern slavery).

Unrestricted grants from the Lloyds Bank Foundation will allow charities complete flexibility to use the funding however they see fit, including to cover salaries, rent and utilities, which have become ever more challenging due to the cost-of-living crisis. Through long-term funding, development support and influencing policy and practice, the Foundation helps charities make a life-changing impact, building a more just and compassionate society.

This funding programme incorporates lessons learned from the last five years, which the Foundation recently published in its Lessons for Funder Practice report. These include how offering unrestricted grants and tailored capacity building support to small frontline charities allowed for stability and growth; how having lighter touch processes and streamlining does not sacrifice due diligence; and how relationships and collaborations unlocked new opportunities and educated the Foundation on when to lead and when to follow.

For more details on the Specialist programme head to the Lloyds Bank Foundation website.