The National Lottery Community Fund announce their new Strategy

The new strategy ‘It starts with community’ has been published today – outlining the Lottery ambition and approach through to 2030, a date by which they plan to have distributed £4 billion of funding.


In his blog published today, David Knott  (CEO) highlights three core hallmarks which will underpin their work and the approach through to 2030:


  1. Changes to our Awards for All offer – The Lottery will double the size of the grant and the amount of time a project can run for, so projects will be able to apply for up to £20,000 to spend over two years. The Lottery see this as s significant change to “turbo-boost” their grassroots offer: These changes come into effect in the Autumn of 2023.


  1. Community-led missions – Areas where the Lottery will focus their funding, learning and efforts to influence change. They will work in partnership, rooted in purpose and place, to support the greatest impact and communities to:
    1. come together.
    2. be environmentally sustainable.
    3. help children and young people to thrive.
    4. enable people to live healthier lives.


  1. One Fund – Their renewed values and ways of working. They will be inclusive, ambitious, impact focussed, adaptable and compassionate and will take an equity-based approach, investing most where the need is greatest, with people, places and communities who experience poverty, disadvantage and discrimination.