VIN is delighted to report that Claire Neilson, our Connect Northamptonshire Alliances Manager is now Strengthscope accredited.

Strengthscope is a unique set of tools which energises, engages, and develops people and their skills, which is exactly what the VCSE sector needs in a time of challenge and complexity.

More information on Strengthscope can be found here: Create your unique strengths profile using the Strengthscope® assessment tools

Russell Rolph, the CEO of VIN states:

It’s fantastic to see that Claire is now accredited. It’s great to see a member of staff developing and using her newfound skills and confidence to support others in the sector. We all know that workforce development is a major issue, so growing our own new leaders of tomorrow is an imperative. I know that Connect Northamptonshire has been instrumental in the Ambassadors of Change Programme, and that the first cohort went through Strengthscope. In time, it means VIN can offer this service directly to those that require it. Well done Claire.