VIN’s Executive Membership ends

VIN’s Executive Membership Product has come to an end, and we would like to thank those organisations that subscribed and supported the programme.

The new West Northamptonshire Infrastructure Contract means that Executive Membership is no longer the right way in which to support organisations with their extra needs.

The Membership Portal will be made an open resource bank free to all in the next few weeks, and through the life of this next contract award we will be adding templates, toolkits, and policies.

We will continue to provide 6 free Training Courses per year, and 6 network sessions which will include 2 specific events for charity CEO’s in September 2024 and March of 2025.

The new contract will not allow us to support organisations with all their needs, and so we will be looking to add more bespoke support offers to our paid for consultancy products and any paid for training above our core offer where appropriate.

On a final point, the new Infrastructure contract is a partnership approach through VIN, SNVB and Daventry Volunteers.