VIN’s Strategic Plan 2024 – 2026

VIN’s new Strategic Plan entitled VINFRASTRUCTURE can be viewed by clicking here

It covers the next 2-year period (from 2024 – 2026) and correlates with the 24-month award given by West Northamptonshire Council for Infrastructure services.

In many respects it addresses the new world that Infrastructure charities and the wider VCSE are now part of: A world of challenge, competition but opportunity.

Like most other community-based organisations, VIN must stay true to its Mission Position whilst diversifying its income portfolio, which is never easy.

Russell Rolph, the VIN CEO states:

I hope you enjoy reading the contents of this plan. In compiling this, we have looked at our historic strengths and the work we still need to do to profile Infrastructure at its best, whilst supporting as many grass roots organisations as we can. In order to do this, we have formally partnered with South Northants Volunteer Bureau (SNVB) and Daventry Volunteers, ensuring coverage across the whole of West Northamptonshire. We know we must find new and innovative ways of providing advice and guidance, much of which will be resourced based and gain the most from digital platforms which community organisations can access at a time of their choosing. The sector is being asked to deliver more with less, and Infrastructure is no different. Our strategic plan is a pragmatic approach to the world we see.