Volunteer for the scheme

Our car scheme relies on a team of volunteer drivers to transport and assist passengers to get to their medical and well-being appointments.

We are always looking for more volunteer drivers in all areas across the Borough of Northampton and are happy to speak to anyone who is interested in the role.

Volunteers get a huge amount out of helping others and are able to give back to their local community. The role is flexible and can fit in around other commitments with volunteering from half -a-day to five days a week.

The scheme books journeys Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm with drivers providing transport to medically related and well-being appointments for passengers identified by the car scheme, who have no access to, or difficulty using, public transport. Drivers use their own cars and are based at home. The journeys will usually start within the drivers’ local community area. Drivers will be supported by, and accountable to, the volunteer Car Scheme Coordinators.

If you want to volunteer your time to help please see the role here or you can access our resources here.