Live Your Best Life

Live Your Best Life is a strapline for the 10 ambitions which West Northamptonshire Council in conjunction with their Health Counterparts hope to achieve through the Integrated Care System (or ICS) which goes live on the 1st July 2022. North Northamptonshire Council are likely to adopt a similar approach.

The ambitions are set out here:

  • Thriving Childhood
  • Access to the best available education and learning
  • Opportunity to be fit, well and independent
  • Employment that keeps them and their families out of poverty
  • Housing that is affordable, safe, and sustainable in places which are clean and green
  • To feel safe in their homes and when out and about
  • Connected to their families and friends
  • The chance for a fresh start when things go wrong
  • Access to health and social care when they need it
  • To be accepted and valued simply for who they are.

These ambitions link to both the ICS and Population Health Management (PHM) as a way of involving communities and community organisations in the design of services which meet health inequalities in its widest sense. In the West, there will be several (9) Local Area Panels (formerly known as Neighbourhoods) which will meet and work towards these ambitions. The VCSE will be included, although representation will be based upon what the data says around health inequality and who can add most to these ambitions. Watch this space for more information on how this plays out over the coming months.

Note: As the NHS broker for the VCSE Alliances Programme, VIN will have a role to play in brokering this VCSE Representation. For more information contact