Funding and fundraising

Sustainable funding means not relying on a single income stream, but exploring opportunities to generate income from a mix of sources, and by a variety of means, from donations, via grants, Service Level Agreements and contracts, to earning income through trading. Read our factsheet on Income Diversification here.

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This document lays out some useful Top Tips for fundraising.
Developing Your Fundraising Strategy
Prioritising goals and activities is always a good starting point when putting together your strategy, will help ensure you make maximum use of your organisation’s resources.
The Dream Fund is currently closed, but the toolkit remains useful…
Digital fundraising offers nonprofits a powerful and effective way to reach potential donors and stay in touch with existing ones.
Using data to drive your fundraising campaigns might sound simple in theory but can be complex in the execution.
How can we increase the relevance of our supporter journeys and build lasting value?
The Code of Fundraising Practice (the code) sets out the responsibilities…