Kings Heath New Community Centre-Opportunity

Within Kings Heath, WNC is currently redeveloping a unit to be used as a community centre for the local community. At this time, we would like to invite interested parties to send in a scoping business case, stating their interest in the building and how you would use the space for the benefit for the community.

The  KH Scoping Document, highlights the background of the area, plus the full details of what is required within the business case proposal. 

Please note. At this time, we are only looking for proposals, not only stating you interest in the building, but how you would use it. At a later date, when the building works are near completion, we will approach the interested parties to progress to the next stage of applying to take over the unit. More details will follow at this time.

Deadline for submission is Friday the 22nd September at midday. For any question and for further details please email both Jamie Wells at