NHS Volunteer Responder Programme

The NHS Volunteer Responder Programme started life during the COVID Pandemic, where thousands of community volunteers responded to an NHS call to support vulnerable people. The programme was co-ordinated by the NHS and the RVS, largely through the Good Sam digital platform. The NHS are now looking to expand this programme into Social Care. Information on this Programme can be found here.

The Presentation shows the Responder Programme Journey and highlights its successes and insights.

The VIN CEO states:

Whilst I think everybody welcomes and values the importance of volunteers within our communities, I do feel there is a genuine worry or fear that volunteers within Social Care could be seen as a direct replacement for paid professional staff in times future, which would be totally unacceptable to many. Providing a balance is kept between paid staff and the added value that volunteers can bring, I welcome this programme and will be watching its roll out carefully.